May 22, 2011

China and Southeast Asia: Tribute, Trade and Influence

Original Title in English: A Short History of China and Southeast Asia: Tribute, Trade and Influence by Author: Martin Stuart-Fox
Proposed Vietnamese Title:
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, Australia,2003, ISBN 1864489545
Series Editor: Milton Osborne

Backcover: China, the world's most populous nation, has always exerted great influence on the traditional kingdoms and modern states of Southeast Asia. Today history and culture continue to shape the modern relationship.
In this concise volume, Martin Stuart-Fox charts the history of relations between China and Southeast Asia across two millenia, examining patterns of diplomacy, commercial networks, and migration, and explaining how these have varied over time. He shows how China's traditional world view was disrupted by the modern order of sovereign nation states, how the country struggled to adapt through its "century of humiliation" from the opium wars to the proclamation of the People's Republic in 1949 and how, since then, China has sought to restore its standing in the world.
A Short History of China and Southeast Asia is a fascinating account of imperial ambition, internal collapse and revival, cultural and commercial striving, war and revolution. Here, the 'Middle Kingdom' plays its role on the world stage, from the beginnings of its history to its growing contest with the USA for dominance of the Asian region. An important insight into the complicated history of the fastest growing region in the world.
About the Editor: Milton Osborne has had an association with the Asian region for over forty years as an academic, public servant and independent writer. He is the author of 8 books on Asian topics, including:
  • Southeast Asia, An Introductory History (1979)
  • The Mekong: Turbulent Past, Uncertain Future (2000)
About the Author: Professor Martin Stuart-Fox is Professor of History at the University of Queensland and an expert in Southeast Asian history and politics. As a journalist in Asia, he covered, among other things, the Vietnam War. In his 25 years teaching on Asia, he has contributed to numerous articles and chapters and has authored several books, including
  • The Murderous Revolution: Life and Death in Pol Pot's Kampuchea
  • Laos: Politics, Economics and Society
  • A History of Laos
  • Naga Cities of the Mekong: A Guide to the Temples, Legends and History of Laos
  • Festivals of Laos
Table of Contents 
  • Introduction
  • The Chinese view of the world
  • Early relations
  • Mongol expansionism
  • Sea power, tribute and trade
  • Enter the Europeans
  • The changing world order
  • Communism and the Cold War
  • Fresh beginnings
  • Future directions
  • Suggested reading