May 2, 2011

The Decisive Years

Original Title: Nhung nam thang quyet dinh (1985) by Hoang Van Thai

Description: Statistics of Vietnam War: 57692 dead, 300000 wounded, 100000 total invalid Americans, more than 274.4 billion USD spent on Vietnam War, 41% POWs by the end of the conflict, and 40& veterans without job. Lots of them committed suicide, many end up in asylums, and 25000 still suffer from the effects of Orange toxin. Broken families, drug addiction, malformation of children, each US taxpayer’s contribution came up to 19.965 USD, for a total amount of USD 1.647 billion. The book analyses how did North Vietnam carry out the last two years of the war from 1973-1975.

Remarks: E-book available online in, original text in Vietnamese.