May 4, 2011

Month of Pure Light: The regreening of Vietnam

Original Title: English
Author: Dr. Elizabeth Kemf, The Women's Press, London, U.K., 1990

Mail from author to YourVietBooks:

"Month of Pure Light was published twice in Vietnam in Vietnamese, entitled *Tiet Thanh Minh*,by the Nha Xuat Ban Phu Nu, in 1992 and 2006, and is in their catalogue. They did a press tour and publicity, while the Women's Press in London launched the book with WWF and I did a book tour with Prof Vo Quy in Europe, the USA, and Australia.As for the national Vietnamese song on the elephants of Ban Don, my husband's home village, and now mine, here is a long to non-indigenous children singing this song and posting it on You Tube.

Dozens of groups have posted their version of this song which is based on the rich life of the people and elephants in the forested zone on the Vietnam Cambodian border before the habitat of the elephant was destroyed. See videos below:

My husband is from Ban Don (Lao name), Buon Don (Ede name) Bon Don (Bunong Bdong or Mnong name). Don is village in their respective languages.My fondest memories were of going with my Budong (Mnong) and Ede family on the elephants with my husband as my guide. His traditional knowledge does not earn him a diploma but he knows the forest and its biodiversity better than any trained scientist.