May 2, 2011

Pham Xuan An, Who Are You?

Original Title: Phạm Xuân Ẩn - Ông là ai? Tên người như cuộc đời
Author: Nguyen thi Ngoc Hai

Brief Description: Secret life of Colonel P-X-A, the most famous spy during Vietnam war, under cover as a war journalist for Time. Trained in USA in early 1950’s, he worked for North Vietnam until the day of “liberation”. His story was told by Jean-Claude Pomonti in the book “The Quiet Vietnamese”, Equateurs, 2005, and Larry Berman, “Perfect Spy”, 2007, 30 years after the war ended.

Remarks: E-book available in Vietnamese, by Tuoi Tre Publishing (2006), 200 pages.