May 22, 2011


Original Title in English by Author Anthony Grey
Vietnamese Title:  Trăng Huyết with co-Author Nguyễn Ước
Publisher for English Title: Pan Books, 1983, ISBN-10: 0330280422, ISBN-13: 978-0330280426
About the Authors: 
Anthony Grey is a British journalist and author. As a journalist for Reuters he was detained for 27 months in China from 1967 to 1969. He has written a series of novels and non-fiction books, including several relating to his detention.
Nguyễn Ước is a Vietnamese Author living in Canada. After reading the original version, he has adapted the book with complementary facts on the historical environment and his understanding of Vietnamese culture, making the book a classic for Readers eager to learn about the period from the French colonial era in the early 1920s until the last helicopter left Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War.

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Vietnamese version online, Click here