May 10, 2011

Vietnam, A History

Original title in English by Author: Stanley Karnow
Vietnamese Title: Cuộc chiến không ai thắng (trích)
Vietnamese Translator: Hoang Nguyen
Publishers: Penguin Books, WGBH Education Foundation and Stanley Karnow, 1983, 1991, 1997. ISBN: 978-0-14-026547-7
Audiobook: Blackstone Audio, 2006.
Back Cover:
The Definitive History of the Vietnam War, Revised and Updated
This monumental narrative clarfies, analyzes, and demystifies the tragic ordeal of the Vietnam war. Free of ideological bias, profound in its understanding, and compassionate in its humain portrayals, it is filled with fresh revelations drawn from secret documents and from exclusive interviews with the participants- French - American, Vietnamese, Chinese: diplomats, military commanders, high government officials, journalists, nurses, workers and soldiers.
With over one million copies sold, Vietnam: A History puts events and decisions into such sharp focus that we come to understand - and make peace with - a convulsive epoch of our recent history.

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