Jun 19, 2011

Contemporary Vietnam: A Guide to Economic and Political Developments

Original Title in English: Contemporary Vietnam: A Guide to Economic and Political Developments
By Author: Ian Jeffries (Swansea University)
Publisher: Routledge Chapman & Hall
ISBN: 0415604001
238 pages

Book Review:
This book provides full details of economic and political developments in Vietnam. Key topics covered include Vietnam's success, in general, in maintaining high rates of growth in the face of problems such as inflation and the financial crisis; continuing economic reforms; foreign trade and investment; battles agains corruption; population growth; the determination of the Communist Party to maintain its hold on power; and Vietnam's response to publich health problems such as AIDS, SARS and bird flu.

About the author:
Ian Jeffries is Honorary Professor in the Department of Economics at Swansea University. His recent publications include two volumes covering Economic and Political Developments in Contemporary China, alongside many books in the Routledge series , Guides to Economic and Political Developments in Asia, covering China, North Korea and Mongolia.

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