Jun 29, 2011

IR - One Definition A Day: European Convention on Human Rights

IR - One Definition A Day
European Convention on Human Rights
Established since 1953 the Convention sought to create machinery for the protection of human rights among signatory states. To this end it is probably the most sophisticated multilateral treaty in so far it provides for a Commission which determines the admissibility of petitions and a Court of Human Rights which sits at Strasbourg to provide rulings on the cases presented. Most observers agree, though, that the Convetnion and the Institutions it established tend to favour 'the hight contracting parties' (i.e. member states) rather than individuals. the decisions of the Court as to the violation of rights are binding but generally enforcement depends on voluntary compliance since few sanctions, short of outright expulsion from the Council of Europe, are provided for. Apart from its intrincic importance in the development of human rights legislation, the Convention is significant in that it can and does command wide media coverage and public interest, it does seek to provide outside protection for individuals against national government and it could be seen as a role model for future world developments under the auspices of the UN.

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