Jul 18, 2011

America and the Vietnam War: Re-examining the Culture and History of a Generation

Original Title in English
Editors: Wiest, Andrew Barbier, Mary Kathryn Robins, Glenn, Routledge 2009 
ISBN: 978 1 135 18773 6
Format: Electronic book text

Source: New Asia Books

Full description
The Vietnam War was one of the most heavily documented conflicts of the twentieth century. Although the events themselves recede further into history every year, the political and cultural changes the war brought about continue to resonate, even as a new generation of Americans grapples with its own divisive conflict. America and the Vietnam War: Re-examining the Culture and History of a Generation reconsiders the social and cultural aspects of the conflict that helped to fundamentally change the nation. With chapters written by subject area specialists, America and the Vietnam War takes on subjects such as women's role in the war, the music and the films of the time, the Vietnamese perspective, race and the war, and veterans and post-traumatic stress disorder. Features include: chapter summaries timelines discussion questions guides to further reading a companion website with primary source documents and tools (such as music and movie playlists) for both instructors and students. Heavily illustrated and welcoming to students and scholars of this infamous and pivotal time, America and the Vietnam War is a perfect companion to any course on the Vietnam War Era.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Vietnam in History and Memory, Kathy Barbiera;
1. Vietnam Divided: Regional History and the Vietnam Wars 1598-1975, Martin Loicano;
2. Historians and the Origins of the Vietnam War, Matthew Masur;
3. The Other Vietnam War, Andrew Wiest;
4. The Women's Army Corps Goes to Vietnam, Heather Stur;
5. Race and the Vietnam War, Curtis Austin;
6. The Antiwar Movement, Amy Scott;
7. Vietnam and the Conscientious Objector Experience, Philip Szmedra;
8. The American POW Experience, Glenn Robins;
9. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Healing From the War, Ray Scurfield;
10. The Vietnam War and Literature, Maureen Ryan;
11. Vietnam and Film, Thomas Doherty;
12. The Soundtrack of Vietnam, Kim Herzinger;
13. The Legacy of the Vietnam War for the U.S. Army, Jim Willbanks;
14. Iraq as The Good War as Opposed to Vietnam, The Bad War, Lloyd Gardner;

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