Jul 13, 2011

Communication Skills - Building Positive Relationships

Building Positive Relationships 

  • Communication Climate
    • Use 'I' language: In contrast to "You" language, the I language or descriptive statements focus on the speaker instead of judging the other person. So less acusatory.
    • Focus on solving problems, not controlling others: Use problem-oriented messages.
    • Show concern for others: a genuine message of interest can make tremendous difference. A simple apology can do wonders.
    • Demonstrate an attitude of equality:  respect is essential. Respect often comes from how we construct messages. Pay close attention not only to what you say but also to your nonverbal behaviour, including your vocal tone and facial expression, when expression yourself.
    • Keep an open mind: listening with an open mind makes good sense and promote good relationship. 
  • Giving Praise
    • Make praise specific. Describe exactly what you appreciate makes it easier for the other person to continue that behaviour. Being specific does not mean that you have to avoid giving broad comments. Along with giving general praise, consider the value of adding enough particulars to help the other person understand exactly what you appreciate.
    • Praise progress, not just perfection.
    • Praise intermittently: Social scientist have discovered that occasional compliments have more effect. Praise others from time to time, when your remarks will have the best effect, but dont go overboard.
    • Relay Praise: You can be the 'praise messenger' by letting people know that you've heard others saying complimentary things about them. They will feel better both about the person who praised them and about you for delivering the good news.
    • Praise sincerely: Be sincere and respect local customs (praise group vs. individual in certain cultures).
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