Jul 13, 2011

Communication Skills - Dealing with Criticism

Dealing with Criticism

  • Offering Constructive Feedback
    • Consider the content: 
      • Limit the criticism to one topic
      • Make sure the criticism is accurate
      • Define the problem clearly
      • Show how your criticism can benefit the recipient
    • Consider the sender:
      • Choose the most credible critic
      • Make sure the criticism is appropriate to the critic's role
    • Consider the relational climate
      • Deliver remarks as part of a positive relationship
      • Accept partial responsibility for the problem
      • Accompany your criticism with an offer to help
    • Consider the delivery
      • Deliver criticism in a face-saving manner
      • Avoide sounding and looking judgmental
  • Responding to Criticism
    • Seek more information
      • Ask for examples or clarification
      • Guess about details of the criticism
      • Paraphrase the critic
      • Ask what the critic wants
    • Agree with the criticism
      • Agree with the facts
      • Agree with the critics right to his or her own perception
      • Emphasize areas of common ground
    • Work for a cooperative solution
      • Ask for the chance to state your point of view
      • Focus on a solution, not on finding fault
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