Aug 4, 2011

The Other Side of Midnight: The Fundamental Principle of Polarity.

Original Title in English
By Author: Dillon Masters 

About the Book:

“The Other Side…” tells how the principle of polarity, when correctly understood, can transform our sense of conflict into harmony and show us how to solve the many problems we face today. This vision moves us from delusion to clarity and provides us with the means to meet our challenges with respect, dignity and truth. Moving from bad dreams (our present reality) to good dreams (our opportunity) is a matter of waking up to the integral nature of connectivity between ubiquitous polarity, regardless of venue ⎯ physical or metaphysical. While primarily a Zen thesis, the author employs material from Christian mystics, other Buddhists and even quantum physics to state his case. Read More

About the Author: 
Dillon Masters was born in 1940 and cut his Zen teeth 30 years ago while living in a Zen Monastery in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York. It was there at Dai Bosatsu that he awakened to the Buddhist understanding of reality following a major spiritual and emotional crisis which brought him to the edge of death. More details

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