Jan 1, 2014

Vietnamese Authors: Contemporary Vietnamese Poets Selected List

Original Title in Vietnamese: Các nhà thơ Việt Nam thế kỷ 20
Note by Anh Tho Andres: 

My father who spent his leisure time writing poems, named me 'Anh Tho', which means 'Poetry, Queen of Flower'. I am not a poet and have little to do with poetry in my whole life, but having seen the amount of time my father spent in writing his verses, pouring his soul into these compact messages to voice out his aspirations, his lost youth, his longings for peace, or his unfulfilled dreams of a lifetime, I can share my sympathy and admiration for all the artists listed below and those unknown ones. We are lucky to live in a digital age, so we do not need to wait until another 100 years later for the future 'cultural archeologists' to dig up our graves and try to understand what we are thinking during these times of changes. Poets know how to express what we all feel aloud or silently in our heart. They are the witness of our times. The voices they raise are our own cries. As such, my small contribution is to remind all friends to remember their works, and if possible to share them with the community.  Here is a short selection out of the 800 listed.

(Source maxreading.com: http://maxreading.com/sach-hay/cac-nha-tho-viet-nam-the-ky-20)

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