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Dharma Space Series by Dillon Masters

Original Titles in English
by Author: Dillon Masters
Vietnamese Translations by various translators @YourVietBooks
Publisher: Dharma Space /

Message by Author Dillon Masters

  • To the Vietnamese Readers, to whom I dedicate my Dharma Space series of works 
  • To Vietnamese Translators, through whose work I hope my message will reach to the Vietnamese Community at large, who might not read English 
  • To the Western Readers, whom I share my bit of spiritual food for thought on my blog
"Dear All,

More than 30 years ago I spent a time living in a Zen monastery. During that time I awakened to a new understanding of the world and myself. The Dharma literally saved my life. It has taken all of this time for my awakening to ripen and mature. For the past few years I have been involved in passing on my grasp of the Dharma as a vibrant reality that holds great promise for transforming people and nations. I now teach Zen at an internationally renowned university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I write books.

Before my awakening I had the sad and unfortunate occasion of spending two years in Vietnam as a warrior fighting as a Marine. It was a low point in my life, which subsequently resulted in really bad karma, and brought me to utter despair.

A few months ago Anh Tho Andres and I came into each other’s orb and immediately realized how our mutual destinies seemed to be linked. At this stage in my life I have two goals:

  • To transmit the wealth of the Dharma to others wherever they live, and 
  • To generate a flow of income to establish and sustain a children’s charity in Vietnam. 
 My means of transmitting the Dharma is somewhat unique. Everything I write is done within the fabric of everyday life. Economics, politics, personal relations, immigration, all and more are transformed due to the saving power of the Dharma. So I write within that interconnected matrix because there is no spiritual discipline of any value, if it doesn’t shape our everyday lives.

Anh Tho and I have formed an alliance: the two of us together will accomplish these goals. My words will flow through her and you back to where they began. The agony of my involvement in Vietnam fueled my own spiritual transformation and now it comes full circle back to your country. The fruit of despair now blossoms as kindness and caring.

The father of Zen (Bodhidharma) said, “If it weren’t for afflictions, there would be nothing to create awareness. And if it weren’t for awareness, there would be nothing to negate afflictions...Suffering is the seed, wisdom the sprout, and buddhahood the grain.”

Contained within that statement lays this circular pattern that leads me back to Vietnam from where the initial afflictions occurred.

To the Translators,
You should consider your work as translators as a sacred act. You can change the world with us. Each link is important. My contribution began in your country in 1965-1967. It is now 46 years later and finally we have reached a readiness of time. In our small way together we can make a difference. I have now written four books and more will follow.

To the Western Readers,
I also write a blog of short and provocative daily messages that cause people to take in small bites of spiritual food.

All of these efforts are done for the single reason of giving back to the world what came from your country. I thank you in advance for you valuable efforts.

Author Dillon Masters

About the Author: 
A life time of discovery unveiling the amazing two-sided nature of us all. I’ve been graced with finding a jewel too valuable to keep. We all reap what we sow. So I caste the seeds of my discovery to all. The jewel is not mine. Everyone has a share awaiting discovery. “ and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Thirty+ years maturing in the Zen way of life has opened up an amazing spiritual frontier.

Note from Anh Tho: 
Author Dillon Masters has donated his works on Dharma Space to the Vietnamese Readers. Our team of volunteers will be offering the readers the Vietnamese translation of his work as a contribution to the spreading of good Dharma.

Volunteering: All volunteers are welcome to join this project.

Donation acknowledged: 
The wish of the Author is that the proceeds of all income generated by the Vietnamese version will be donated to a charity organisation in Vietnam. On behalf of future beneficiaries of this kind attention, I would like to thank Author Dillon Masters and our team of volunteers for this common cause.

YourVietBooks recommends a selection of books and articles on Vietnam and about Vietnam, available partly in English, French, German or Vietnamese. Our qualified and experienced translators can provide translations of e-books or articles on demand. Contact Anh Tho Andres, for more information on our services.

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