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Vietnam Bibliographies and Reference Sources

Original Titles in English (With Some Vietnamese Titles)

Historical dictionary of Vietnam / by William J. Duiker 
MetuchenN.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1989

Vietnam historical statistics bibliography : printed sources and institutional context of the statistics in Vietnam before 1954 / Jean-Dominique Giacometti 
[Tokyo?] : Institute of Comparative Economic Statistics, Hosei University, [2001]

Vietnam / David G. Marr, compiler ; with the assistance of Kristine Alilunas-Rodgers 
OxfordEng. ; Santa BarbaraCalif. : Clio Press, c1992

Vietnam War bibliography / Edwin E. Moise 
Clemson : Clemson University, 1990

Resources for teaching the Vietnam War : an annotated guide / edited by Anthony O. Edmonds 
PittsburghPenn. : Center for Social Studies Education, c1992

Vietnam studies : an annotated bibliography / Carl Singleton 
LanhamMd. : Scarecrow Press ; PasadenaCalif. : Salem Press, 1997

General Book Resources on Society and Culture 

Neil Jamieson, Understanding Vietnam (University of California Press, Berkeley 1995).

Helle Rydstrom: Embodying Morality. Growing up in Northern Vietnam (University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu 2003).

Pham Van BichThe Vietnamese Family in Change. The Case of the Red River Delta. (Curzon in cooperation with The Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 1999).

Tine Gammeltoft, Women's Bodies, Women's Worries: Health and Family Planning in a Vietnamese Rural Commune. Curzon 1999.

Lisa Drummond and Helle Rydstrom: Gender practices in contemporary Vietnam (Singapore University Press/ NIAS Press, Singapore/Copenhagen 2004).
Shaun Malarney, Culture, Ritual and Revolution in Vietnam (University of Hawaii Press, 2002).
Culture and customs of Vietnam / Mark W. McLeod and Nguyen Thi Dieu 
WestportConn. : Greenwood Press, 2001

Essays into Vietnamese pasts / K.W. Taylor and John K. Whitmore, editors 
IthacaN.Y. : Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1995

Sketches for a portrait of Vietnamese culture / Huu Ngoc 
 Nôi : Thê gioi, 1995

The Sacred Willow: Four Generations in the Life of a Vietnamese Family / Mai Elliot. 
Oxford University Press.  1999.

The Confucian Incursion into Vietnam, in Confucianism and the Family / 
Nguyen Ngoc Huy.  Edited by Walter H. Slote and George A De Vos.  State University of New York Press.  1998.  

Destiny and Determination: Psychocultural reinforcement in Vietnam, in Confucianism and the Family edited by Walter H. Slote and George A De Vos.  State University of New York Press.  1998.

The Orthodox Chinese Confucian Social Paradigm versus Vietnamese Individualism, in Confucianism and the Family / 
Stephen B. Young.  
Edited by Walter H. Slote and George A De Vos.  State University ofNew York Press.  1998.  

A Vietnamese Family Chronicle: Twelve Generations on the Banks of the Hat River.  
Nguyen Trieu Dan.  JeffersonN.C. : McFarland, 1991.

Women's Rights to House and Land: China, Laos, Vietnam.  
Irene Tinker and Gale Summerfield.  Lynne Rienner Publishers.  1999.

Hai Van: Life in a Vietnamese Commune. 
Francois Houtart and Genevieve Lemercinier. Zed Books.  1984.

Rethinking confucianism : past and present in ChinaJapanKorea, and Vietnam / edited by Benjamin A. Elman, John B. Duncan and Herman Ooms. Los Angeles : UCLA Asian Pacific Monograph Series, 2002

Vietnam : journeys of body, mind, and spirit / Nguyen Van Huy and Laurel Kendall, editors 
Berkeley : University of California Press in association with American Museum of Natural History, New York, and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi, 2003


Imagining Vietnam and America : the making of postcolonial Vietnam, 1919-1950 / Mark Philip Bradley ; foreword by John Lewis Gaddis. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina, 2000

Southern Vietnam under the reign of Minh Mang (1820-1841) : central policies and local response / Choi Byung Wook. IthacaN.Y. : Southeast Asia Program Publication, 2004

The communist road to power in Vietnam / William J. Duiker 
BoulderColo. : Westview Press, 1996

Ho Chi Minh / William J. Duiker 
New York : Hyperion, c2000

The rise of nationalism in Vietnam, 1900-1941 / William J. Duiker 
Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1976

Sacred war : nationalism and revolution in a divided Vietnam / William J. Duiker 
New York : McGraw-Hill, 1995

The Vietnamese war : revolution and social change in the Mekong Delta, 1930-1975 / David W.P. Elliott. ArmonkN.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 2003-

Essays into Vietnamese pasts / K.W. Taylor and John K. Whitmore, editors 
IthacaN.Y. : Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1995

Imagined ancestries of Vietnamese communism : Ton Duc Thang and the politics of history and memory / Christoph Giebel. SeattleWash. : University of Washington Press, c2004

Vietnam or Indochina? : contesting concepts of space in Vietnamese nationalism, 1887-1954 / Christopher E. Goscha. CopenhagenDenmark, : NIAS Books, 1995

Red hills : migrants and the state in the highlands of Vietnam / Andrew Hardy 
Honolulu : University of Hawai‘i Press, c2003  BENDA PRIZE WINNER

Nguyên Cochinchina : southern Vietnam in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / Li Tana 
IthacaN.Y. : Southeast Asia Program Publications, 1998

The end of the Vietnamese monarchy / Bruce McFarland Lockhart 
New HavenConn. : Council on Southeast Asia Studies, Yale Center for International and Area Studies, 1993

Hanoi, biography of a city / William S. Logan 
SeattleWA : University of Washington Press, 2000

Vietnam 1945 : the quest for power / David G. Marr 
Berkeley : University of California Press, 1995

Vietnamese anticolonialism, 1885-1925 [by] David G. Marr 
BerkeleyUniversity of California [Press] 1971

Vietnamese tradition on trial, 1920-1945 / David G. Marr 
Pub info Berkeley : University of California Press, 1981

Printing, power, and the transformation of Vietnamese culture, 1920-45 / by Shawn Frederick McHale ,1995

The Vietnamese response to French intervention, 1862-1874 / Mark W. McLeod 
New York : Praeger, 1991

Postcolonial Vietnam : new histories of the national past / Patricia M. Pelley 
Durham : Duke University Press, 2002

Perceptions of the past in Southeast Asia / edited by Anthony Reid and David Marr 
Singapore : Published for the Asian Studies Association of Australia by Heinemann Educational Books (Asia), 1979

Quantitative economic history of Vietnam, 1900-1990 : an international workshop / editors, Jean-Pascal Bassino, Jean-Dominique GiacomettiKonosuke Odaka ; English editing: Suzanne Ruth Clark, Tokyo : Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, [2000]

Southeast Asia in the 9th to 14th centuries / edited by David G. Marr and A.C. Milner 
Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies ; CanberraAustralia : Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1986

Southern Vietnam under the Nguyên : documents on the economic history of Cochinchina (Ðàng Trong), 1602-1777 / edited by Li Tana, Anthony Reid 
Singapore : Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1993

Radicalism and the origins of the Vietnamese revolution / Hue-Tam Ho Tai 
CambridgeMass. : Harvard University Press, 1992

The Vietnamese revolution of 1945 : Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh and De Gaulle in a world at war 
London : Sage Publications, 1991

War Related Resources

Intervention : how America became involved in Vietnam / by George McTKahin 
New York : Knopf, 1986

Vietnam and America : a documented history / [edited by] Marvin E. Gettleman ... [et al.] 
New York : Grove Press, 1995

The Vietnam War : a history in documents / Marilyn B. Young, John J. Fitzgerald, A. Tom Grunfeld , Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2002

Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War : a political, social, and military history / Spencer C. Tucker, editor, Santa BarbaraCalif. : ABC-CLIO, 1998

Title Winter soldiers : an oral history of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War / Richard Stacewicz, New York : Twayne Publishers ; London : Prentice Hall International, 1997

Politics and State

Vietnam : nation in revolution / William J. Duiker 
BoulderColo. : Westview Press, 1983

Vietnam : revolution in transition / William J. Duiker 
BoulderColo. : Westview, 1995

Vietnam since the fall of Saigon / by William J. Duiker 
AthensOhio : Ohio University Center for International Studies, 1989

Concepts of statecraft in Vietnam / David G. Marr 
Pub info TaipeiTaiwan : Academia Sinica, Program for Southeast Asian Area Studies, [2000]

Postwar Vietnam : dilemmas in socialist development / David G. Marr & Christine P. White, editors ; sponsored by the Joint Committee on Southeast Asia of the Social Science Research Council and the American Council of Learned Societies. IthacaN.Y. : Southeast Asia Program, Cornell University, 1988

Rethinking Vietnam / edited by Duncan McCargo 
New York : RoutledgeCurzon, 2004


English Title Unique vestiges of Cham civilization / Tran Ky Phuong 
Vietnamese title Nhung di tích doc dáo cua nên van minh Chàm
Pub info Hanoi : Thê gioi, 2000

Dong Son drums in Viet Nam / [chairman, Pham Huy Thông
Pub info : Viet Nam Social Science Publishing House, 1990

The artist and the state : the politics of painting and national identity in Ha Noi, Viet Nam 1925-1995 / by Nora Annesley Taylor, Pub info 1997

Collections and Biography

English Title: Ho Chi Minh / [edited by the Commission for Research on Party History]. Vietnamese Title: Chu tich Hô-Chí-Minh. Hanoi : Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1988

Chí Minh, 1890-1969 
Ho Chi Minh: selected articles and speeches, 1920-1967; edited, with an introduction, by Jack Woddis. London : Lawrence & Wishart, 1969

Hô Chí Minh, 1890-1969 Reflections from captivity / translated by Christopher Jenkins, Tran Khanh Tuyet, and Huynh Sanh-Thong ; edited by David G. Marr 
Athens : Ohio University Press, 1978

Chí Minh, 1890-1969 Selected works 
Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1960-62

Chí Minh, 1890-1969 Selections. English. 1967 
On revolution; selected writings, 1920-66. Edited and with an introdby Bernard B. Fall 
New YorkPraeger [1967]

English Title: Culture and renovation. Vietnamese Title: Van hóa  doi moi. / Pham Van Ðông 

 Nôi : Thê gioi, 2002

Overturned chariot : the autobiography of Phan-Bôi-Châu / translated with an introduction and notes by Vinh Sinh and Nicholas Wickenden. Honolulu, Ha. University of Hawai'i Press, 1999

A complete account of the peasants' uprising in the central region = Trung ky dan bien thy mat ky / Phan Chu Trinh ; translated by Peter Baugher and Vu Ngu Chieu ; with an introduction by Peter Baugher. [Madison] : Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1983

"Big victory, great task"; North Viet-Nam's Minister of Defense assesses the course of the war / Vo Nguyen Giap. Introd. by David Schoenbrun. New YorkPraeger [1968]

Dien Bien Phu / Vo Nguyen Giap 
Hanoi : Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1962

National liberation war in Viet Nam; general line, strategy, tactics / Vo Nguyen Giap.
Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1971

On the implementation of the Geneva agreements; excerpts from a report in the fourth session of the National Assembly, March 1955 
Hanoi, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1955

People's war, People's Army : the Viet Công insurrection manual for underdeveloped countries / foreword by Roger Hilsman ; profile of Giap by Bernard B. Fall / Võ Nguyên Giáp
New York : Bantam Books, 1968

How we won the war / by Vo Nguyen Giap & Van Tien Dung 
Philadelphia : RECON Publications, 1976

The peasant question, 1937-1938 / by Truong Chinh and Vo Nguyen Giap ; translation and introdby Christine Pelzer White . IthacaN.Y. : Southeast Asia Program, Dept. of Asian Studies, Cornell University, 1974

From enemy to friend : a North Vietnamese perspective on the war / Bui Tin ; translated from the Vietnamese by Nguyen Ngoc Bich. AnnapolisMd. : Naval Institute Press, 2002

Hoa xuyên tuyêt. English Title Following Ho Chi Minh : the memoirs of a North Vietnamese colonel / by Bui Tin ; translated by Judy Stowe and Do Van ; introduction by Carlyle Thayer 
Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press, 1995

From cadre to exile : the memoirs of a North Vietnamese journalist / Bui Tin ; translated from the Vietnamese and adapted by Judy Stowe and Do Van ; with an introduction by Carlyle A. Thayer. Chiang Mai : Silkworm Books, 1995

A Vietcong memoir / Truong Nhu Tang, with David Chanoff and Doan Van Toai 
San Diego : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985


My Hanoi [videorecording] : personal reflections by Thuy Linh / TVE ; produced & directed by Thu Nguyen. Oley, PA : Bullfrog Films, 2001.

Gánh xiêc rong [videorecording] = Traveling circus / Discovery Communications presents ; kich ban Pham Thùy Nhân ; dao diên Viêt Linh ; chu nhiêm Trân Khai Hoàng. Singapore : Discovery Communications, 2004.  DVD  Eng subtitles.

 do (Television program).  do [videorecording] / kich ban, Hua Van Ðinh ; [dao diên Van Trong]. R. Cucamanga [sic], CA : Gia Ðinh Productions, 2003. NO Subtitles.

Thuong nho dông quê [videorecording] = Nostalgia for the countryside / Discovery Communications Pte Ltd presents a Hoda Film and NHK production ; kich ban  dao diên Ðang Nhât Minh ; hãng phimHôi diên anh Viêt Nam ; hãng truyên hinh NHK (Nhât ban) .  Based on short stories of Nguyen Huy ThiepSingapore : Discovery Communications, c2003.  DVD English Subtitles.

Mùa ôi [videorecording] = The guava house / Hãng phim Thanh Niên ; written and directed by Ðang Nhât Minh. [S.l. : s.n., 2002]  English Subtitles.

Ba mùa [videorecording] = Three seasons / Les Films Seville Pictures ; October Films presents an Open City Films production in association with Goatsingers and Giai Phong Film Studios ; produced by Jason KliotJoana Vicente and Tony Bui ; written and directed by Tony Bui. [MontrealQuebec] : Seville Pictures, 2002

Nhung nguoi tho xe [videorecording] = Les coupeurs de bois / Hãng Phim Truyên Viêt Nam ; gioi thiêuXuong Làm Phim II. Paris : Doriane Films, [2000]   French Subtitles

The Environmental impact of war [videorecording] / produced by the Center for Defense Information . [WashingtonD.C.] : Center for Defense Information, 1999

Mekong [videorecording] / produced by Along Mekong Productions with financial contribution of the European Union ; a film by Manfred Linke ... [et al.]. PrincetonN.J. : Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1999.

Nhung giong hát van hay nhât [videorecording] /  Guom Audio-Video ; Ban van nghê Ðài phát thanh & truyên hình  Nôi.  Nôi :  Guom Audio-Video, 1995.  Selections of folk opera.

Burning incense [videorecording] = parfum d'encens / written and produced by Nora Taylor  .  Directed by Mac Van Chung; images and art direction, Bui Hoai Mai. Hanoi : Nora Taylor, 1994.  Study of the Van Mieu Temple and arts.

No time for tears [videorecording] : Vietnam : the women who served 
BostonMA : Fanlight Productions, 1993.

Lament of a warrior's wife [videorecording] / produced by Bob Kane productions 
[WashingtonD.C.Asia Resource Center, 1991.

Remember My Lai [videorecording] / a Yorkshire Television production for Frontline ; produced by Kevin Sim, Michael Bilton ; directed by Kevin Sim 
[Alexandria, Va.] : PBS Video, 1989.

Vietnam [videorecording] : after the fire / an Acacia Production for Channel Four ; produced and directed by J. Edward Milner 
[New York] : Cinema Guild, 1988

Ðât phuong Nam [videorecording] = Song of the south / produced by Ho Chi Minh City Television Film Studio ; KC Productions ; giám dôc san xuâtNghê si Nhân dân Pham Khac ; biên kich & dao diên,Nguyên Vinh Son.  Singapore : Discovery Communications, 2003.

Chí Phèo [videorecording] / dao dien, Pham Van Khoa ; kich ban, Ðoàn .  Westminster, CA : Ðông Ðô Film, 2003

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