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Back to Square One: Childhood memories

Original Title in English : Back to Square One  By Author: Anh Tho Andres Vietnamese Translation by YourVietBooks Translators
Excerpts from my book:

As far as I remember, with the help of my childhood photos, and stories from my mother, we as children were very happy. I cannot remember the house where I spent my first years, nor the nanny who took care of me, but had a vivid memory of the house where I lived until age 18 before I left for university in Saigon.
My parents were working at the Pasteur Institute, and of course my childhood stories were intimately linked to the relationship with this institution. My mother is a great Francophile (adept of French culture), being French educated herself in the most re-known school of Dong Khanh in Hue, and my father was also trained as a Mechanist with French background.
Due to the general call for the arms by Ho Chi Minh for a general upheaval against the comeback of the French in 1945, as most youth of his times did, my father – aged 17 - joined…