Jun 30, 2013

IR Literature_International Relations and World Politics, Security, Economy, Identity

Original Title: International Relations and World Politics, Security, Economy, Identity
Publisher: Pearson International Edition (2008)
Authors: Paul R. Viotti, Mark V. Kauppi
ISBN: 978-0-13-506347-7

Part I: Overview / Trends, Actors, and Concepts / An Emerging Global Civil Society / International Relations in Historical Perspective / Thinking Theoretically /Additional Readings (pp.2-101)
Part II: State Security and Statecraft / Power: Interests, Objectives, and Capabilities of States / Diplomacy: Managing Relations among States / Force: War, Just Wars, and Armed Intervention / Additional Readings (pp. 102-191)
Part III: International Security / International Cooperation: IO, Alliancs, Coalitions / Controlling Global Armaments / International Terrorism and Transnational Crime /Additional Readings (pp. 192-283)
Part IV : The Global Economy / Global Economy: Politics and Capitalism / The Political Economy of International Trade, Finance and Regional Integration / The Political Economy of Investment and Sustainable Development / The Global Environment / Additional Readings (pp. 284-393)
Part V: Identity and Civil Society / Religion, Nationalism, and Conflicting Identities / Humanitarianism: Human Rights and Refugees / Questions in lieu of Conclusions / Additional Readings (pp. 394-470)
elected Readings (pp. 471-534)
  1. Freedom of the Seas (p 471)
  2. The Peloponnesian War: The Melian Dialogue (p 474)
  3. On Interpretive Understanding (p 476)
  4. The Downing Street Memo (p 479)
  5. The Downing Street Minutes (p 481)
  6. Toward Containment: George Kennan's Long Telegram (p 484)
  7. The Natural Condition of Mankind (p 487)
  8. The UN Charter and the North Atlantic Treaty (p 490)
  9. Appendix: Functional International Organisations as Specialised Agencies and Other UN Organs (p 503)
  10. The Non-Proliferation Treaty Tutorial (p 506)
  11. Osama Bin Laden's Fatwah against Americans (1998 -p 507)
  12. The Wealth of Nationas (p 509)
  13. Political Economy and Foreign Trade (p 513)
  14. Imperialism (p 516)
  15. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (1948 - p 520)
  16. Morality and Politics (p 521) /
  17. Appendices:
    1. Convention Against Torture and Other Crueal, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (1947 - p 522)
    2. Geneva Convention IV (p 524)
    3. Magna Carta (1215 - p 526)
    4. Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens (1789 - p 527)
    5. The US Bill of Rights (p 528)
    6. Universal Declaration of Human Rights (p 530)  
Glossary (pp. 535-556)

Note on Pearson International Edition:
This is a special International Edition for students outside the US and Canada. Not for sale in USA / Canada.

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