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IR Literature_International Relations and World Politics, Security, Economy, Identity

Original Title: International Relations and World Politics, Security, Economy, Identity Publisher: Pearson International Edition (2008) Authors: Paul R. Viotti, Mark V. Kauppi ISBN: 978-0-13-506347-7

Contents: Part I: Overview / Trends, Actors, and Concepts / An Emerging Global Civil Society / International Relations in Historical Perspective / Thinking Theoretically /Additional Readings (pp.2-101) Part II: State Security and Statecraft / Power: Interests, Objectives, and Capabilities of States / Diplomacy: Managing Relations among States / Force: War, Just Wars, and Armed Intervention / Additional Readings (pp. 102-191) Part III: International Security / International Cooperation: IO, Alliancs, Coalitions / Controlling Global Armaments / International Terrorism and Transnational Crime /Additional Readings (pp. 192-283) Part IV : The Global Economy / Global Economy: Politics and Capitalism / The Political Economy of International Trade, Finance and Regional Integration / The Political Eco…