Jun 12, 2015

Book on Economy: The Vietnamese Economy and Its Transformation to an Open Market System

Original Title in English
Author: William T. Alpert, Bui Diem
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe, 2005 - Business & Economics - 276 pages
ISBN: 0765606690

About the Book: Incorporating current research and extensive technical analysis by leading economists from both the United States and Vietnam, this collection of original papers seeks to clarify what further steps are needed so that Vietnam can flourish. It analyzes the dramatic transformation of Vietnam's economy during the 1990s and its prospects for the future as the pace of reform has slowed. The three main sections of the book discuss Vietnam's turbulent history, recent economic reforms, and the country'e emerging role in the world economy and geopolitics. Individual chapters examine a myriad of issues, including specific reforms in agriculture, banking, and tax policy, as well as the attempts to create a business-oriented legal structure, the development of foreign trade and a viable balance of payments, and U.S. policy reactions to Vietnam's development in the last decade.

Toward a Market Economy in Vietnam Economic Reforms and Development 
Strategies for the Twenty first Century, p. 3
Cultural Issues in Vietnams Transition, p. 13
Recent Economic History A Stalled Expansion, p.32
A Profile of Vietnams Land and People, p. 44
Prospects for Fiscal Reform in Vietnam, p. 61
Tax Policy for Vietnam, p. 72
Reforming Vietnams Legal Institutions, p. 128
Foreign Investment and Trade, p. 143
Vietnam in the World of the 1990s, p. 164
Banking Reform in Vietnam, p. 200
Muddling Through US Policy Options in a Straitened Asia, p. 215
About the Editor and Contributors, p. 261
Index, p. 265

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