Nov 30, 2020

Global South authors in Focus series on ethics

what do you know about research ethics?

What is Research Ethics? Research ethics provides guidelines for the responsible conduct of research. In addition, it educates and monitors scientists conducting research to ensure a high ethical standard.

Numerous authors from different cultural background have different views on how to apply ethics in their cultural context.  Focus series focuses on a current ethical issue with global relevance by some Global South authors.

Ethics in Politics: Why it matters more than ever and how it can make a difference (2012)
BenoƮt Girardin
ISBN 978-2-940428-20-5 - Focus No. 5

Equal in an Unequal World: The Value of Values in Responsible Business (2014)
Global Ethics Forum Report 2014
ISBN 978-2-88931-021-0 - Focus No. 20

Dealing with Diversity. Religion, Globalization, Violence, Gender and Disaster in Indonesia (2014)
Bernard Adeney-Risakotta, ed.
ISBN 978-2-940428-68-7 - Focus No. 17

Globalisation of Concern II: Essays on Education, Health, Climate Change and Cyberspace (2012)
Aidan G. Msafiri
ISBN 978-2-940428-46-5 - Focus

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