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Books in English: G. Edward Griffin - One World Government and Collectivism

One World Government & Collectivism - G. Edward Griffin

Dear Friends,

I notice that you are a one of the rare young people in Vietnam who still reads and reflects on stuff going in this World. So I choose to share some of my readings for you to reflect on them.

Hope this is an eye-opening experience that might bring you some answers to the chaos you are witnessing around you. Or maybe you chose not to?!

We are all victims somehow of this situation, unless we take action to save ourselves, and people around us.


Anh Tho Andres
Founder and Owner of 
Books for Vietnam and about Vietnam
Skype: anhtho.andres

A brilliant work by G Edward Griffin, which deserves a place in everyone's library, living room, and in every school's curriculum. 
  • What is collectivism?
  • Who desires a collectivist world?
  • How are collectivism and totalitarianism related?
  • Does a one-world government have to be collectivist, or totalitarian?
  • How does collectivism influence the thinking of individuals and governments? Where does the individual stand in such a system? 
  • What about "group rights"? What does "rights" mean applied to a group?
  • What is a "U. N. Peacekeeper"? What is their purpose?
  • How does government secrecy fit into this?
  • What kind of government might come from a "North American Union"?
  • Is the One World Government a conspiracy?
  • What are the components of a real conspiracy? Where is the use of the word "conspiracy" justified?
  • What is the U. S. Constitution? What is its meaning for the American people?
  • Why is the Constitution addressed from "We the People" to the government?
  • Do legitimate governments rule, or protect?
  • Do legitimate governments use force? What about martial law?
  • What is "Cultural Marxism"? What does it have to do with collectivism?
  • Are differences in culture a cause for war?
  • What is the principle cause of war?
  • What is the "Rothschild Formula"?
  • What is the difefrence between killing and murder, as applied to war?
  • What role does fiat money play in war?
  • Why did the Founding Fathers want local militias, rather than a standing Federal army?
  • How do corporations and governments evade responsibility for their actions? How is this immunity a problem?
  • How do banks control our government? Why aren't the names of these banks and the individuals behind them known?
  • What did the "New Deal" turn out to be?

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