Aug 26, 2014

Krishnamurti - One Definition A Day: Contradiction

Krishnamurti - One Definition A Day
Original Title in English
By Author: J. Krishnamurti¨
Abstract from 'The First and Last Freedom'

We see contradiction in us and about us; because we are in contradiction, there is lack of peace in us and therefore outside us. There is in us a constant state of denial and assertion - what we want to be and what we are. The state of contradiction creates conflict and this conflict does not bring about peace - which is a simple, obvious fact. This inward contradiction should not be translated into some kind of philosophical dualism, because that is a very easy escape. That is by saying that contradiction is a state of dualism we think we have solved it - which is obviously a mere convention, a contributory escape from actuality. Read more

French translation by Anh Tho Andres 
Vietnamese translation by Cuong Phan, Kim Hoang, Bich Hong, Bao Han 
German translation by Han Dang-Klein 
Italian translation by Phan Cong Danh 
Japanese translation by Hong Anh 

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