Aug 24, 2014

Education and the Significance of Life

Original Title in English
By Author: Jiddu Krishamurti
Book reviews:

The primary premise of the book is that nearly all of the education system (govt. based, religious based, private) fail our children. These systems educate children to be good at techniques or skills, but do not educate them to know themselves.Without knowledge of oneself, children will grow to be conflicted between the reality of their true nature, and the constrictions of conforming to civil society or religious doctrine.

An educational system that truly sought to benefit the children would be staffed by adults who were continually studying themselves, and striving to deepen their own awareness, not just conformists seeking the safety of job, income and leisure. Only when open-minded, self-aware adults teach with true love can children learn to know themselves, and so lead dignified, effective lives.We are far from this vision, but it is worth it for each of us to walk along this path.   

(by Milo, Goodreads)

To quote JK (Jiddu Krishnamurthi): "Conventional education makes independent thinking difficult."

JK stresses the fact that conventional education lays more stress on knowledge maximization and not on imagination/creative thinking. He comes down harshly on the drawbacks of conventional education system which for some reason or the other we find it difficult to do away with. He does suggest some alternative, which too we find it difficult to practice becuase of our own inertia to break free from the conventional system of education. (by Ram Prasad) 

What I like of this book so far is the fact that the educator needs to be a respected person, but not because somebody named him the educator, but because he is an outstanding human being that makes all his students look up at him. This is a very early work of Krishnamurti, and I am reading it out of curiosity, because I think that his later work is more interesting because his ideas in his later works are more elaborated and clearly explained. (by Unknown)
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