Oct 31, 2011

Books about Vietnam - A selection by Stoessel

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"Books about Vietnam

These are books I can recommend if you want to get good background knowledge as well as up-to-date information on Vietnam. I limited my personal comments to the books to a minimum. Click on the link at each individual book listing to learn more (summaries, commentaries from authors, editors, and readers) at Amazon, where you can also order directly if you want. Just click on the title of each individual book you are interested in.

Vietnam war


Personal accounts

  • Vietcong Memoir - by Troung Nhu Tang, Doan Van Toai, Van Toai Doan (June 1986)
    Note: What about getting the other side's point of view first?
  • Vietnam Voices : Perspectives on the War Years 1941-1975 (November 1988)
    - Note: 
    First-hand, unedited accounts about the French and American period of the Vietnam war.
  • 365 Days - by Ronald J. Glassner, Ronald Glassner
    - Note: 
    Tells you what it was like to be a simple soldier in the Vietnam war.
  • Four Hours in My Lai - by Michael Bilton, Kevin Sim (March 1993)
    - Note: 
    A complete account of the massacre that killed the most innocent civilians in the shortest period of time during the Vietnam conflict. If you want to talk about war crimes today in the Balkans, you must first read this book.
  • Platoon - Bravo Company- by Robert Hemphill, Joseph L. Galloway, Pia S., Ph.d. Seagrave (October 1998)
    - Note: 
    You've seen the movie? These real platoons were not happy with how Bravo Company was portrayed.
  • Acceptable Loss - by Kregg, P.J. Jorgenson (December 1995) - Note: The true-to-life story of a volunteer Ranger, racing to the aid of soldiers who faced the same dangers he had barely survived in the jungles of Vietnam.
  • Memories of a Pure Spring - by Duong Thu Huong, Nina McPherson, Huy Ng Phan - Note: Vietnamese dissident author Huong critisizes the Vietnamese Communist party. Focused on people working in the arts. 


The 100th Kill : A Novel of Vietnam - by Charles W. Sasser (February 1997)
To kill 100 human beings in the name of freedom.

Traveling to Vietnam

(Source: http://www.stoessel.ch/vietnamflash/vietnambooks.htm)

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