Aug 1, 2014

Dharma Space: Dillon Masters, Moreover, Finding Your Worth Beneath Excess

Original Title in English 
by Author: Dillon Masters
Publisher: JJ Publishing (Ed. July 2011)
ISBN: 978-0-615-50061-4 
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About the Book:
This is a book about finding essential worth within by employing the ancient art of Zen. I use the term “art” in the most basic sense to mean manifesting the creative human spirit. Zen maintains that beneath the extraneous lies a purity of the heart, already complete, awaiting discovery.
This spirit is inherent in Zen, beginning with nature and blossoming within a wide variety of human artifacts and cultural configurations, from architecture to flower arranging, calligraphy, dress, interior decoration and virtually every other element of culture. [...]
The message of this book is that we are traveling down the path to nowhere precisely because we imagine a distant nirvana without realizing that it is already present. It is delusion that blinds us, and because we are blinded we lust for more, and more, and more, never realizing that the more that we seek is already ours.
There is no higher art form than to employ the essential spirit of being human to find our true worth, and that must be our mission as we move toward the abyss.


Preface 1
Introduction 5

Chapter 1—What’s Zen? 19

Chapter 2—A very short discussion about something that has a very long history 29
  • Ignorance of the true nature of reality (avidya) 33
  • Misidentification (asmita) 33
  • Attachment (raga) 34
  • Anger following loss (dvesha) 35
  • Misunderstanding life and death (abhinivesha) 36
Chapter 3—Dharma who? The Constituents of The Dharma 59
  • Dependent Origination (The Dharma) 60
  • Interdependence and Independence 69
  • The Human Mind 70
  • The Self 83
  • Emptiness—sunyata 85
  • Enlightenment 86
  • Suffering and bliss 87
  • Fragmentation and integration 89
  • Liberation and Becoming Whole 89
Chapter 4—Planks and Other Forms of Delusion 101
  • Sexuality and Spirituality—Two Ends of the Human Spectrum 107
Chapter 5—Leadership and Spiritual Training: What’s a Zen Master? 113
Chapter 6—So You Think You Know Who You Are. Wait a Darn Minute (or more). 120
  • What Zen teaches about thinking and intuition 120
  • Self-awareness—Or is That an Illusion? 125
Chapter 7—Scientific Validation? 128
  • Meditation and Health 131
  • Stress Reduction 135
  • Minimizing Perception Distortions 139
  • Positive Effects 142
Chapter 8—Say What? I’m You? 145
Chapter 9—Contemporary Challenges and Zen Insight as Solutions 162
  • Genesis 1:1-2 165
  • The Big Bang (Comment by Patrick Weiler, alleged expert on astronomy) 166
  • The Mind and the Void—From a Science Perspective 166
  • Virtual Reality and Neurology 169
  • Zen Meditation: Redundancy? 178
Chapter 10—Zen for Ignorant Folk 183
  • Setting Expectations 184
  • Preliminaries 185
  • Techniques 188
  • What About Other Forms of Meditation? 193
  • Concluding Comments 195
Author’s Profile 198
Suggested Reading 200
Endnotes 203

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