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YourVietBooks is a project initiated by Dr Anh Tho Andres, a multi-lingual communication professional living in Switzerland. As a translator, she wishes to share her knowledge of her home country to readers who wish to know more about Vietnam: The Culture, The Land and The People.

YourVietBooks recommends a selection of books and articles on and about Vietnam.

Categories include: Culture, History, Vietnam War, Politics, Biographies, Contemporary Vietnam, International Relations, Doing Business in Vietnam, Reference and Languages, Zen Buddhism, Philosophy, Art and Literature.

Some books are written by Vietnamese Authors in the original version, and represent an invaluable witness to world literature and mankind's history. Other documents are the fruits of long years of research on topics such as the Vietnam War, Vietnam's Integration, Contemporary Vietnam. Works written by foreign Authors (in English, French or German) are valuable documentation on how Vietnam and its people are perceived in the eyes of the World.

This platform is useful for
  • Readers with strong interests in Asian Studies;
  • Authors of research publications on Asian Studies;
  • Researchers with focus on Vietnam.
For your translation needs, our team of qualified and experienced translators can provide translations of vietnamese e-books or articles on demand.

If you are a
  • Freelance Translator,
  • Professional Translator, or a
  • Language teacher,
and wish to become a member of our global network of Vietnam Experts,  Join here.

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For any suggestions on improvements, we look forward to your feedback on the Forum pages on our main website SBI-Training.com. 

Thank you,

Dr Anh Tho Andres, 
Expert in Intercultural Communication, Vietnam Hoc Institute